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Madras School of Social Work (MSSW)

This ambitious project entitled “Virtual Library for Social Science and Management” has been developed to provide a single point access to the teaching and learning community on the wealth of free-access web resources viz. portals, e-books, e-journals in Social Science and Management. This website has been designed to cater the needs of users seeking to harness a ‘Directory’, ‘Subject Portal’, ‘Gateway’ or a ‘Subjects Guide’, e-journals and others.

This webiste is a compilation of links of free-access, full-text online resources in the field of social science and Management. It concentrates mainly on scholarly and peer-reviewed materials.

List of Resources
Project Investigator                                                             
V.Sakthi Regha 
Librarian, MSSW 
University Grants Commission
Government of India

Sincere thanks to the University Grants Commission and Madras School of Social Work for making this initiative possible.